Oh, hello there! We see you cracked our passcode—splendid!



We start working, you start paying when you get results.
No contract until you’re saying woooooow.

We Nuardantee It.


Let us be the first to push up our spectacles and wave awkwardly. We’re so glad you’re here!

You’re busy and probably not here to discuss our rare comic book collection. So let’s get right to your primary question:

“What can nerds do for me?” (Sorry, UPS).

Answer: A LOT! 

And we’re not talking about free classes on Klingon, Elven, or the origins of C-3P0 (though we’d be happy to discuss!).

We’re talking about saving you money and making you money—wowing you with the full power of the nerd.

That means:


Results you can see and measure in a matter of days


Money to spend on more action figures (well, that’s what we do with our dough)


Viral exposure for your brand or product

In short, we make online marketing simpler than a Rubix Cube. We’ve mastered:

  • Lead generation
  • Platform building
  • Book writing and publishing
  • Event planning and filling venues
  • Connecting clients to almost anyone in the world

We’re the guys behind the other guys (and gals) making big money: 2X, 3X, 4X—oh my…

When we’re not watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, we’re nerding it up on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing, Google, YouTube, and Snapchat for guys like Les Brown, Tai Lopez, Akon, and other A-list celebrities, renown musicians, high-profile clients, millionaires and Billionaires (Yes, the Big B).

Billionaires and royalty alike have called our Nerd Hotline, seeking to expedite next-level results. And we answer the call every time—unless, of course, it’s during Comic Con or a heated Star Wars/Star Trek debate. Then you can fouget about it!

The best part about the Internet Marketing Nerds (well, aside from our bowties) is that we don’t just use social media sites. We partner with them—like the Avengers teaming up with the Justice League. We work closely with reps to make sure we’re state-of-the-art, ethical, and insanely profitable. It’s full-on cheat-code mode!

We get to test-drive all of the newest advertising features before they’re released to the public, and we even create our own white-hat software to supercharge your money-making ability!

But let’s face it. Money is just money. What sets us nerds apart—aside from sonic screwdrivers and a pickup game of Muggle Quidditch—is our personality. And don’t take our word for it: girls have been telling us for years that we have great personalities!


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Cory Boatright

CEO, Entrepreneur & Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Giant
Has worked closely with the Internet Marketing Nerds
for coaching and business development.


Neil Twa
Multi -Million Dollar Amazon & Ecomm Entrepreneur
Utilized The Internet Marketing Nerds For Lead, Traffic & Conversions.


Alex Mehr
CEO & Co-Founder – MentorBox
Client Of The Internet Marketing Nerds


James Starr
Internet Entrepreneur Has Made Millions Online
Coaching Student & Client of The Internet Marketing Nerds


Caleb Breakey
CEO- Speak It To Book
Student & Client of The Internet Marketing Nerds
Went from $600/month to several 6 figure income a year

Les Brown

Les Brown
The world’s renowned motivational speaker

We Nerf war.

We call each other by avatar names.

We are the Internet Marketing Nerds!